Quilting Supplies and Fat Quarter Shops in Dickinson ND

Find out How To Quilt in Dickinson ND as well as learning which are the best Quilting Supplies in North Dakota

Take a journey into the world of patchworking and quilting and you will discover that quilters have a language of their own. Unfamiliar terms encountered when learning about quilting, can be very baffling.

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Even the word quilt has different meanings. It refers to a coverlet made up of three layers and also to the act of stitching the three layers together, as in quilting a quilt. For some inexplicable reason the word quilter refers to a person who makes quilts even if they don’t actually know how to quilt them. You could be an expert quilter and still not be capable of quilting a quilt, as your skill might lie in one of the many ways to create a quilt top.

The following are some tips which will help you start planning your first quilt:

Quilt Patterns in Dickinson ND

I love North DakotaChoose a simple design

There is no need to undertake a complicated pattern.  Your choice of fabric and color combinations will be the factor which will make your quilt remarkable.  If you are not comfortable with putting together colors for your quilt just ask for assistance at your Quilt Shop in Dickinson ND.  They will be only too happy to give you advice.

Buying quilt kits in Dickinson ND

Quilt kits are a good options for beginner quilters as it  means that much of the decision making is done for you.

Quilting magazines or a visit to your local library are both great ways to see lots of quilt block designs which will give you ideas for what sort of pattern you would like to choose.  There are also many websites which show quilts by the experts for further inspiration.  You can also visit quilt shows in our near Dickinson ND for fun and inspiration.

Use quality quilt supplies

100% cotton is by far the best material to use for your quilt.

Cheap Quilting Fabric in Dickinson ND

Lower priced options may seem tempting but the last thing you want is to put hours and hours into making a beautiful quilt, only to have it shrink when you wash it, or the colors run and spoil the whole thing.  However, if you choose carefully, and make sure you test the fabric before including it in your quilt, then you can sometimes find bargains which will save you money.

Prewash your fabric

Prewashing your fabric is imperative.  There is much less chance of shrinkage or colors running if you use quality fabric, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Prewashing also rids the fabrics of  any sizing or chemicals that have been used on the fabric.  This is especially beneficial to those who have sensitive skin.  Make sure the fabric is completely dry, and then give it an iron before you start the process of cutting the fabric.

Quilting Steps

There are 3 basic parts to quilt.  The top layer is your pieced work, the middle layer is the batting and the bottom laying is the backing.  The process of “quilting” is what holds the three layers together.

Once you have selected your fabrics, and prepared them by prewashing and ironing them, you are ready to begin cutting the pieces.  If you have chosen a simple design, and follow the instructions carefully then you should not have any problems in putting together your quilt top.

How To Quilt By Hand

You don’t need the best sewing machine for quilting in order to create your first quilt. In fact, you can quilt with your bare hands. To quilt by hand you will need a quilting frame. There are many options available and they vary a lot in price and quality. For a beginner quilter a simple hand held quilting frame or hoop is more than adequate.  Once you decide that you have fallen in love with quilting and would like to progress to more complicated designs, you can then look at purchasing a better quality hoop or frame.

You will also need batting and they are many options to choose from.  Wool batting is popular in countries where the climate is cold, but it is more expensive.  Cotton batting should be chosen carefully to ensure they do not contain seeds, as these can stain your finished product.  When using cotton batting your quilting lines should be no more than half an inch apart to avoid bunching when you wash your quilt.  Polyester batting is a good way to go if you suffer from allergies.  Poly-Cotton batting is nice to work with and still creates a warm quilt.  It is probably the most popular as it combines the qualities of both cotton and polyester and is good value for money.

The last thing you will need is thread.  You will need two types of thread – one for your machine when you are piecing your quilt top together, and one for the actual quilting process. If you are using 100% cotton fabric, then you should use 100% cotton thread for piecing.  Good quality threads produce less lint which is better for your sewing machine.  When it comes to the  actual hand quilting thread there are many options available but you should ensure that it is a proper hand quilting thread.  These are usually wax coated which help the thread glide easily through the fabric.

Long Arm Quilting Machines

If you really do not have the inspiration to quilt by hand, then you should look at purchasing a long arm quilting machine.  These machines are amazing and open up a whole new world to the experienced quilter.