Thrift Shopping in Sydney Update #1

thrift shop

Been busy thrifting this week.

Yes Wednesday Thrift Finds is back, now known as WTF

as is Thrifting On Tuesdays In Sydney TOTIS

and Fridays Thrift Finds. FTF.

The thrift queen is back! Why you might ask and where has she been? Well loyal readers of my blog will  well recall the debacle which occurred at my local charity shop late last year. I have not set foot in there from last December until this week. I have been infrequently frequenting..huh? the two charity shops in Bondi Junction but they are way up the other end of the town from the Westfield shopping precinct so it was a bit of a chore to get there and also they closed early and as you may all know I am a night owl so it did not really suit me.

Fridays Thrift Finds

My husband was transferred this week to our local branch of  the charity and I therefore felt safe enough to go back shopping there again. If he had not been there I do not think I could have risked it. He has his work cut out for him with  a shop full of   mostly junky items and very few vintage items to be seen no idea what happened to them. I had been shopping there for over ten years and I have never seen the shop so denuded of quality items or the staff so thankful to get a new manager in all that time. Times are difficult for all businesses at present and perhaps the second hand shops and charity shops are finding that too.maybe people are selling their things rather than donating them.

So this week so far I have found:

  • stunning David Crowther fabric
  • an Irish tweed skirt in shades of purple heather
  • fabulous purple suede Nine West mules
  • a metre of damask fabric
  • a pattern to make a skirt or whatever from it
  • a seashell pink hand crocheted edged sweater
  • teacup coasters

That is my limit for the week money wise am not going to exceed spending $25fabric excepted from that as I hope to make some things which I can sell so I can recoup that money